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        This MDG e-Learning implements end-to-end solution for Rental Car for scenario. The objective here is to use this sample scenario to understand all the fundamental concepts in MDG. To learn the capabilities of the MDG framework. This is the early iteration of the training. The e-Learning also focuses on the out-of-box MDG solutions for primary ERP Master Data objects. These delivered solutions cover master data objects such as Material, Business Partner and Finance Objects including GL Accounts, Profit Center, Cost Center and their hierarchies. The e-Learning is extended to showcase solutions for common customer requirements when implementing the delivered out-of-box solutions.

MDG data modelling for custom object
Fig: Rental Car Data Model Design

       This is the data model design for Rental Car Scenario: 6 entity types, 7 attributes and 5 relationships. It is implemented in this eLearning to create a complete working solution. The end-to-end MDG implementation cycle covers: 

          Data Modelling 

          ABAP WD  FPM based UI design 

          Workflow enabling the application 

          Menu design and security. 

This implementation process uses several functions of the underlying technical components to complete the solution. But the solution implementation is not the primary agenda. The objective in this eLearning is to use this implementation to explain all the concepts underlying the MDG framework. The implementation pauses at various times to raise fundamental questions and answer them. This will help you with design decisions in implementing MDG solutions at your customer locations. It will further help understand the out-of-box MDG solutions for ERP master data.

Rental Car CREATE Form
Fig: Rental Car CREATE Form

       This is the end user's view of the Rental Car create form. It is implemented using Webdynpro for ABAP Floor Plan Manager. This solution is used by end users to create new Car Types in the Rental company's MDG system. The scenario has been carefully chosen so that a variety of UI element types are covered.

        Similar implementations also exist in the delivered MDG solutions. Common customer requirements often include modifying the UI attributes and behavior of the fields in this UI. These scenarios will be covered in detail in this eLearning through the various releases. Depending on the nature of the changes, they are implemented in modelling environment as well as with code modifications. The out-of-box solutions include custom classes create for specific solutions, that are outside the generic MDG framework. These implementations will be analysed. 

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