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How reliable is this training offering?

              Our The training is very detailed and covers MDG concepts, in addition to end to end implementation guides. But in terms of reliability, following might help: 30 day money back guarantee: You enroll, go through some or all of the session, but the training content does not meet your expectations, we will refund all of your fees. In addition to the 30 day money back guarantee, instant access to training material; access to instructors (in spite of being an eLearning). Once enrolled, contact us for a month of FREE system access for purely educational purpose. Please look at the Pricing Chart below: The price does increase with each additional release.

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Price DurationCourse Content
User CountRelease Status
TBD 550 USD 8 hours .. Frequent-customer-requirements based scenarios: part 3
..  Data Replication and Transfer
.. Web Services
 TBD 445 USD 5 hours.. Delivered solutions: MM, BP, 0G.
.. Solution Analysis.
.. Frequent-customer-requirements based scenarios: part 2
 - Coming Soon
Nov 21st 2015245 USD
Start eLearning
 24 sessions = 205mins 

 .. Frequent-customer-requirements based scenarios: part 1
"Rental Car"  Solution Extended
 .. Data model extended with 4 additional Entity Types and Relationships.
 .. UI Extended with additional details
 .. Data Upload, Debugging
 .. MM Data Model Analysis
 .. MDG Concepts explained with additional samples
 .. MDG-M scenario explained
65+Active Version
 Feb 14th 2015 150 USD14 session =  115mins MDG Concepts: SU Types, Entity Types, Entity properties, Relationship Types, Workflow Templates, Business Activity, Change Request Type, Process analysis with Debugging, MDG Framework. 27Active Version
 Jan 3rd 2015 75 USD7 sessions = 70minutesSimple "Rental Car" scenario
.. Data Model with 2 Entity Types and 1 Relationship
.. FPM Modelling
.. Simple workflow template for Change Request
.. Create Role & Menu with params. Security
 12 Active Version

Do you have any Promos for this course?

          Our only promotion is in the Price Structure. The cost of the course keeps increasing as we add additional MDG scenarios. If you enroll now, you get access to the currently released 23 sessions (+)plus the ones we add in future releases. And we are adding sessions at a very high pace. You enroll today and you pay the least prize it is ever going to be.